Special Abilities



The creature's hide or carapace is so tough that it absorbs damage just like armour. Subtract the Armour rating from any damage dealt to the creature by physical sources such as weaponry or falling.




The creature's hide blends well with its native environment, making it difficult to detect. The creature receives a +X bonus to Stealth (Hide) tests in such an environment.




The creature's powers of detection are so keen that they may even extend beyond the five senses. A creature with Extraordinary Sense often has the Sense Power magical ability or, in the case of undead, a supernatural ability to detect the presence of the living.




The creature is capable of aerial movement. Most creatures with this capability are winged, though some have supernatural means of flight. A flying creature's speed in the air is often greater than its speed on land, and occasionally its Nimbleness and Swiftness scores may also be greater when in the air.




The creature's multiple natural weapons allow it to take more than the usual number of attacks on its turn.




The creature can use part of its body as a natural weapon, such as its claws or its bite. Such a creature normally has skill ranks in Armed Combat: Natural Weapon.




The creature is capable of casting the spells listed in the creature entry under Unique Special Abilities. Some creatures can cast spells as innate abilities; this is noted in the creature entry.




The creature's natural weapons include a mighty sweep of its tail, which deals damage and may also knock opponents to the ground if they fail a Strength or Nimbleness test.




The creature's mere presence can cause fear, either automatically or at the creature's option. A creature using the Terror ability makes an Intimidate test against opponents within range as a free action.




The undead creature never needs to eat or drink, takes half damage from physical attacks, heals all injuries at five times the normal rate, does not have Weariness levels, never needs to make Stamina tests to resist weariness, and cannot be affected by poison or disease.