Cadoc's Minions

AUTHOR: Doug Joos (Tomcat)

ISSUE: 4:24



BRG 10 (+2)


PER 8 (+1)


VIT 9 (+1)

WIT 11 (+2)





WIS +3



















Special Abilities

Icy Touch, Undead Stamina, Vulnerability (Sunlight), Incorporeal, Invulnerable (to physical harm), Beguile, Illusions


Intimidate (Fear) +9


TN Equivalent




The Minions of Cadoc are nothing more than luminous globes of insidious evil. These spirits are akin to Cadoc though they are not as powerful. They reside with their master and do his bidding. There are a total of 11 minions but a Narrator need not use them all if his player characters are not advanced enough.



Unique Special Abilities

ICY TOUCH: These spirit’s chill and deadly touch causes a victim to lose 2 points of Strength and Vitality each round of contact. When either attribute reaches 0, the victim falls unconscious for 2d6x10 minutes. Lost points are regained at the rate of 1 in each attribute per 10 minutes – or in full when the victim awakens or upon the application of a Healing Spell. Even though the spirit has no physical body, it must still make a test against the victim’s Defence rating using its Swiftness modifier. On a success they may then drain – the victim feeling it as a cold an eerie presence.


UNDEAD STAMINA: The minion need never eat nor drink, is invulnerable to physical attacks, and heals all injuries at five times the normal rate. Further, the minion does not have Weariness Levels and need never make a Stamina test to resist Weariness for any reason.


VULNERABILITY: When exposed to the sunlight, the minion suffers 1d6 damage per round until it can either return to darkness or perish.


INCORPOREAL: The minion has no physical or visible form except its two soft glowing white eyes – even these can be hidden if it wishes.


INVULNERABLE: The minion is completely invulnerable to any physical harm whatsoever.


BEGUILE: The minion can make a Contest of Wills against the victim as stated in the Core Rule book (page 222) – except Willpower is used for both contestants. If successful, the victim is susceptible to any given command from the minion (except any that would cause self-destruction). The minion will use its illusion power in tandem with this ability and make the beguilement more effective. It is in this way that a minion can have a person walk off a precipice to their death – the illusion hides the apparent danger so an order is obeyed.


The minion will be able to beguile a victim for 10 minutes per point of Bearing. The victim may be freed in one of three ways: 1) a self-destructive order is given, 2) a Voice of Command spell is cast, 3) a Persuade test is made by another character (TN is equal to the minion’s Bearing plus his Willpower).


ILLUSIONS: The minion is able to create illusions. This is treated as the spell Shadows and Phantoms as if it were an ability. Any character that is beguiled may not make any Wisdom tests to dispel any illusion created by a minion; otherwise they may be dispelled as stated in the spell description. A minion may make one illusion for each point of Willpower it has, per day.