AUTHOR: Scott Metz (Scottomir)

ISSUE: 8:40



BRG 10 (+2)*

NIM 8 (+1)

PER 8 (+1)

STR (+0)

VIT 10 (+2)*

WIT 8 (+1)





WIS +3











3 (floating)








Special Abilities

Icy Grasp, Scent of Blood, Shadow Form, Undead Stamina, Spells


Intimidate (Fear) +6, Language: Westron/any +6, Observe (Smell) +5, Stealth (Shadow) +10, Unarmed Combat (any) +8


TN Equivalent



Note: Since many players have voiced concern about the 4-7 attribute range in the standard rules, the statistics above in many cases list only attribute modifiers (rather than presenting scores below 8 aligned with either the standard rules or the common revision). If an attribute score is actually needed, the Narrator can choose whichever number below 8 he prefers that fits with the given modifier. Vitality, since it determines Health, is assigned a score and, if 8 or above, a modifier; for scores below 8, the Narrator can choose whichever modifier he prefers.



From the Elder Days to the late Third Age, undead abominations beyond reckoning were unleashed by Morgoth and Sauron, by whose dark power wicked souls were somehow bound to Middle-earth even after death. Some of these corrupt spirits remained disembodied and became ghostly phantoms haunting dark places. Such is the fate of the dwimmerlaik, a cursed specter that retains the cunning and intelligence possessed in life-and the hate and malevolence. Dwimmerlaiks are shadowy, translucent wraiths in a shape vaguely like their form in life. They often appear with dim, ethereal versions of the garments and gear they bore while living.



Unique Special Abilities

Icy Grasp: A dwimmerlaik's grasp is cold and lethal. Every successful hit by an Unarmed Combat test, or every round held in a grab by the Dwimmerlaik, drains the victim of 1 point of Strength and Vitality. The victim is paralyzed when either attribute reaches 0, and when both attributes reach 0 the victim dies. If the victim is not killed lost points return normally (see CRB p. 247), or are fully restored upon the application of a Healing-spell.


Scent of Blood: Dwimmerlaiks smell the blood of living creatures, giving them +2 to Observe (Smell) tests to find them. They also benefit from a +4 test bonus to track bleeding creatures.


Shadow Form: A dwimmerlaik consists of insubstantial shadow. Dwimmerlaiks float above the ground and can pass through solid matter unhindered, but cannot manipulate physical objects by their own means. Dwimmerlaiks are immune to heat, cold, falling, normal weapons, poison, and corrosives. However, they are vulnerable to fire and enchanted weapons (Elf-swords, Dúnadan blades, etc.). Additionally, they are weakened by daylight and suffer a -3 penalty on all physical tests made while exposed to the sun.


Undead Stamina: Dwimmerlaiks need never eat or drink, take half damage from physical attacks, heal all injuries at five times the normal rate, do not have Weariness levels, and need never make Stamina tests to resist weariness, and cannot be affected by poison or disease.




Dwimmerlaiks are usually bound to a particular place strongly connected to their downfall. Their bounded habitat can sometimes be a large area (like an entire mountain), and dwimmerlaiks always assault the living that trespass into their domain. In some respects they are similar to ghosts, though dwimmerlaiks are cursed to serve forever the power of the Shadow and hold no hope of release. Dwimmerlaiks likely inhabit many dark places in the White Mountains, for Éowyn knew of them and called the Witch-king of Angmar by that name during their confrontation (since she did not know the more proper terms Nazgûl or Úlairi).