Fell Hunter

AUTHOR: Christopher Daniel (Scofflaw)

ISSUE: 12:32-33



BRG 9 (+1)

NIM 10 (+2)

PER 11 (+2)*

STR 14 (+4)*

VIT 12 (+3)

WIT 7 (+0)





WIS +1



















Special Abilities

Cunning, Ferocious, Keen Sense of Smell, Multiple Attacks (Claws, Fangs), Natural Weapon (Claws, 1d6+3, Fangs, 2d6+1), Night-Eyed, Speed, Vulnerability (Sunlight, Flame of Anor, Names of the Valar)


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Claws, Fangs) +8, Climb +6, Intimidate (Fear) +8, Jump +4, Language: Understand Black Speech +3, Observe (Spot, Smell) +9, Run +6, Stealth (Hide, Sneak) +9, Track (Smell) +9, Unarmed Combat (Grapple) +6


TN Equivalent




Standing nine feet tall, Fell Hunters are bipedal, but not humanoid. They are monstrous beasts, with broad shoulders, bodies covered in thick, shaggy black hair. Their faces are bestial, with eyes that glow with a hellish light, and an elongated muzzle from which sharp fangs and a long red tongue protrude. Their hands are disproportionately large, and their fingers and claws are abnormally long. They are surprisingly swift for their great bulk, and enjoy springing on prey from ambush out of treetops.



Unique Special Abilities

Cunning: Fell Hunters are possessed of an evil cunning when on the trail of their prey. They receive a +3 to any tests involving Wit or Wisdom when on the hunt.


Ferocious: Fell Hunters are instilled with a dreadful ferocity by Morgoth, their maker. They gain +3 to any Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat and Willpower tests once they engage their quarry.


Keen Sense of Smell: Fell Hunters gain +5 to Observe (Smell) and Track (Smell) tests.


Vulnerability: Fell Hunters, being creatures of Darkness, are especially debilitated by the light of the Sun. In daylight they suffer a -10 penalty to all tests, and their movement rate is reduced by half. Furthermore, they lose the benefits of their Cunning, Ferocity, Keen Smell and Speed special abilities. Also, they suffer double damage from Flame of Anor spells. Finally, the names of the Valar, or any other word the Narrator deems to have a special power of holiness, cause them to suffer a -3 penalty to all tests for one round.




Morgoth formed these creatures from the largest predatory beasts of Arda when he first sent forth his monsters to prey on Beleriand early in the First Age, before the first rising of the Sun. They were made to make the night a thing of fear for all Free Peoples, and to terrorize the land. After the ruin of Beleriand, those who had dispersed east of the Ered Luin fled to deep caves, not to emerge again until those times when Sauron bent his will over Middle-earth.




Fell Hunters are found in temperate to cold regions. They prefer landscape that provides lairs giving them sufficient protection from the Sun: forests, dense scrublands, hills, moors and mountainsides. They are found in Eriador (though not in Lindon, as they instinctually fear the lands of the Elves), Angmar, Forochel, Mirkwood, and the foothills of the Misty and the Grey Mountains.




Fell Hunters are solitary and nocturnal. They hunt and terrorize any land they decide to make their territory, and they remove themselves to new territory whenever the whim takes them. They only operate in groups when servants of the Dark Lord make use of them to hunt and kill those they oppose. In such cases, they are relentless and cooperative until their objective is fulfilled. They were made by the Shadow, and are inherently wicked, so that even their individual hunting is designed to inflict pain and despair, so that they will hunt humans or dwarves instead of animals when possible, even if it would be less convenient. They especially enjoy slaying children, for they are made to kill the hopes and joys of the Free Peoples. A Fell Hunter eats the heart of its victim, and drinks the blood of the corpse until it is drained. If a body is found with its chest torn and the corpse bloodless, it is certain a Fell Hunter is near.




Fell Hunters can be found wild in the loneliest lands of the North and Rhovanion. They are rare, and if encountered, there will probably not be another near for a hundred leagues. If the Enemy is active in the area, however, more can be encountered, especially if they have been brought together for a hunt, in which case they will be found in groups of 2 - 6. Though relentless in the chase, they will not hesitate to kill others in their way, as they usually make short work of a victim. They may at times be used as trackers, though dogs or wolves serve the enemy better, for the purpose of the Fell Hunters is to kill. If a tracker wants his quarry alive once found, and he uses a Fell Hunter for the pursuit, it is best that he be powerful, or has others with him who have strength or power of command over these monsters.