AUTHOR: Josh Kapfer (ReptileJK)

ISSUE: 10:9



BRG 7 (+0)

NIM 12 (+3)*

PER 10 (+2)

STR 4 (+0)*

VIT 8 (+1)

WIT 4 (+0)





WIS +2



















Special Abilities

Natural weapon (1D6-1, bite), The Blood of Huan, Silent and Cunning Ways, Ill-at-Ease in Trees


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Bite) +2, Jump +5, Observe (Smell) +6, Run +5, Stealth (Sneak) +10, Survival (Forests, Mountains, Plains) +5, Track (Scent) +7


TN Equivalent




A fox is a member of any of several species of small omnivorous canids.  With most species roughly the size of a domestic cat, foxes are smaller than other canids, such as wolves, jackals, and domestic dogs. Recognizable characteristics also include pointed muzzles and bushy tails. Other physical characteristics vary according to their habitat. For example, desert foxes have large ears and short fur, whereas arctic foxes have small ears and thick, insulating fur.



Unique Special Abilities

The Blood of Huan: All dogs and wolves are said to be the descendants of Huan, an immortal hunting dog of Orome, Huntsman of the Valar. Therefore, they have an uncanny ability to use their hearing and sense of smell to find quarry, locate their master, or guard a home or encampment.

Effects: Once per day, all dogs and wolves receive a +7 to a Track (Scent) or Observe (Smell) test. In the case of a domestic dog, the person rolling the dice for that test is allowed to choose when it will be used and with which skill it will be used (i.e. Track or Observe). However, the intention to use this ability must be stated at the beginning of his/her turn during the round. Furthermore, if a dog is present at a home or encampment, there is a large chance that it will be alerted to anyone/anything approaching and warn their master of potential danger. Therefore, for every “intruder” that attempts to infiltrate a campsite or homestead, roll 2D6. A result of 10 or less means that the dog has detected the intruder and will warn his master immediately.

Restrictions: Domestic dogs will only perform actions for or defend encampments belonging to their master.


Silent and Cunning Ways: All wild and fell canids have an extraordinary ability to employ stealth to mask themselves and their scents. They also have an uncanny ability to find track scents over large distances.

Effects: All wild and fell canids automatically receive a +3 to the first Stealth (Sneak) test performed during an attempt to catch something unawares. They also gain a +2 to any Track (Scent) skill one time per day.


Ill-at-Ease in Trees: Canids are not physically designed for climbing. Therefore, they cannot climb trees after quarry, no matter how much goading occurs. This is also true of true wolves and dogs. However, what they lack in arboreal prowess, they make up for in patience. Thus, Wargs and Hybrids can wait hours and even days for quarry that is attempting to escape them in trees to come down (or fall down after fainting from lack of sleep, food, or water).