Great Eagle

AUTHOR: Unknown

ISSUE: 7:37-38



BRG 8 (+1)*

NIM 10 (+2)

PER 12 (+3)*

STR 10 (+2)

VIT 8 (+1)

WIT (+0)





WIS +3











6 (crawl), 48 (fly)





Dodge, Tireless



Special Abilities

Flight, Mount: Steady, Mount: War-trained, Natural Weapon: Beak, Talons (1d6+2 plus Strength bonus), Swoop


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Beak, Talons) +6, Debate (Parley) +2, Intimidate (Majesty) +4, Language: Westron +6, Language: Sindarin +6, Observe (Spot) +12, Ride (Keep Rider) +2, Search +8, Stealth (Surveil) +4, Survival (Mountains) +6


TN Equivalent




The Great Eagles are the mightiest and noblest birds of Middle-earth, the descendents of the Eagles of Manw from the Elder Days. They are large enough to carry a man and possess wingspans of well over twenty feet. Despite their great size and strength, they are swift flyers capable of soaring 65 miles in an hour at best speed. Great Eagles are generally helpful, but at times they can be somewhat petulant-they resent having to bear riders and will do so only to help friends in need and only for the shortest possible distance. Sworn enemies of Orcs, the Great Eagles watch over their movements and often join in the most desperate battles against them.



Unique Special Abilities

Mount: The Great Eagles are large and strong enough to bear a rider. An eagle may bear one man-sized rider or two small-sized riders on his back, or he may carry one passenger man-sized or smaller in his talons. The eagle cannot use the Mount: War-trained ability while carrying a passenger in his talons.


Swoop: An eagle's most effective attack is to swoop down upon a target, grasp it in his talons, carry it upwards, and then drop it to the ground below. Attempting a swoop is a full-round action. The eagle must move at least 6 yards before reaching his target, and the total distance he may move in the round (both before and after attacking) is equal to his flying speed. Upon reaching the target  the eagle makes an Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Talons) test. If the attack hits, the target takes damage from the talons and is grabbed; the eagle and the target must immediately make opposed Strength tests (as free actions), and if the target wins he breaks free from the grab. If the target does not break free, the eagle carries him upward a number of yards equal to half the remaining distance he can move for the round and drops him to the ground below, inflicting additional falling damage (see CRB p. 245). For example, an eagle that moved 12 yards before making the attack test could drop his victim from up to 18 yards in the air, inflicting 4d6+12 points of falling damage. The target must be man-sized or smaller, and a swoop attack cannot be made against another flying creature.




The Great Eagles dwell in high eyries among the tall mountain peaks of northern Middle-earth. Their chief eyrie is located in the eastern side of the Misty Mountains opposite Carrock on the Anduin River, though there are many lesser eyries to be found elsewhere in the Misty Mountains and Grey Mountains. There may also be lesser eyries in the Blue Mountains of the West or the White Mountains of the South.


The listings above refer to a common Great Eagle. An Eagle-lord like Gwaihir or Landroval should have Bearing 12 (+3), Vitality 10 (+2), and Wits 8 (+1), Willpower +3, Health 12, +4 ranks in Armed Combat, Debate, and Intimidate, and at least 4 points of Courage. An Eagle-vassal ruling another eyrie should have Bearing 10 (+2) and Wits 8 (+1), Willpower +2, +2 ranks in Armed Combat, Debate, and Intimidate, and at least 2 points of Courage.