AUTHOR: Christopher Daniel (Scofflaw)

ISSUE: 12:35-36



BRG 4 (+0)

NIM 8 (+1)*

PER 3 (-1)

STR 11 (+2)*

VIT 9 (+1)

WIT 2 (-2)


STAM +2*



WIS -1



















Special Abilities

Constrict, Corrosive Spines, Multiple Attacks (Claws, Fangs, Constrict), Natural Weapon (Claws, 1d6; Fangs, 2d6), Ferocity, Stupid


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Claws, Fangs) +7, Climb +3, Swim +10, Stealth (Hide) +8 in water, +2 on land, Survival (lakes, rivers, streams) +5, Unarmed Combat: Constrict +6


TN Equivalent

10 (group of three)



Halgajar are amphibious beasts with elongated, muscled bodies similar to those of constrictor snakes, albeit with clawed fore and hind limbs. Their lizard-like heads feature tiny black eyes and huge mouths filled with many needle-sharp teeth. They are a pale, dirty white with gray blotchy markings, shiny with their slimy secretions. Their skin is covered all over with black thorny spines.



Unique Special Abilities

Constrict: Halgajar grapple on a successful Unarmed Combat attack, allowing them to constrict their foe for 1d6+4 damage per round. A TN 15 Strength test is required to break free of the monster's grasp. Constriction also allows the Halgaj to use its Corrosive Spines ability. The creature may use its multiple attacks while constricting. If it has used them prior to its successful grapple attack, it may use them again at +5 to its attack roll.


Corrosive Spines: Hard, spiny growths cover the Halgaj's skin. They secrete a corrosive slime, though weakened by its watery environment. If a Superior success or higher was rolled on its constriction attack, the character takes damage once per round as long as the Halgaj has him in its coils. Corrosive Slime: Attack/Flesh, Cloth, leather/Once per round/TN 5/1d6-1 Wound Points.


Ferocious: Halgajar are ill-tempered creatures, driven by blindingly stupid hatred for all other creatures, even each other. As such, they gain a +3 bonus to their Armed Combat attacks whenever some unfortunate stumbles upon them.


Stupid: Halgajar are profoundly stupid beasts. They suffer a -5 penalty to any tests to resist magic that will control them or fool their senses, or any other attempt to fool or trick them, at the Narrator's discretion. Merely stepping out of a Halgaj's line of vision can be enough to convince it you are no longer there, halting its attack.




Sometime in the past, these beasts appeared amongst Morgoth's monsters. But being of little use, they were left to their own devices. Whatever land the Shadow lies over will find these creatures in its waters and caverns.




Halgajar are most commonly found in underground bodies of water, especially caverns occupied by Orcs and Trolls, such as Goblin-Gate and Moria. As the Shadow falls over different lands, they are compelled to come out and infest the waters. Finding them in a stream is a sure indicator that evil is abroad.




Halgajar can be found alone or in groups. These groups are not nurturing or cooperative. The foul tempers of these beasts, as well as their voracious appetites, will cause them to turn on each other when no other victim is present. If there is any race that they are similar to in attitude, it is the Orcs. Hence, it is not surprising that they are most often found in the dwelling places of the Glamhoth. When Gollum lurked in his lake beneath Goblin-gate, the Orcs thought that their disappearing numbers were the victims of an especially wily Halgajar. Their name comes from the Orkish tongue, meaning "slippery serpent." No other peoples have a name for them, as they are not well known.




Halgajar should be found in out of the way subterranean pools and streams, or wilderness bodies of water influenced by the Shadow, such as the Dead Marshes and the Sea of Nūrnen. Sometimes Orcs capture several of them, place them in a pit, and throw prisoners in, watching and gambling over the sport.