Hounds of Valinor

AUTHOR: Matt Kearns (GandalfOfBorg)

ISSUE: 17:26-27



BRG 11 (+2)

NIM 9 (+1)

PER 10 (+2)

STR 10 (+2)*

VIT 12 (+3)*

WIT 8 (+1)


STAM +3*



WIS +2
















Keen-nosed, Keen-eared



Special Abilities

Awakened, Blessing of Oromė, Ferocious (in defense of master, and while hunting prey), Natural Weapons (Bite, 2d6 +1)


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Bite) +4, Intimidate (Majesty) +1, Jump +8, Language: Understand one Language +6, Observe (Smell) +10, Run +9, Survival (choose one) +3, Swim +4, Track (Scent) +9


TN Equivalent




The Hounds of Valinor do not differ from their more common brethren, except for the quality of their physique. Looking the same as other canines of Middle-earth, these hounds of noble lineage are easily identified by their large size, lustrous coat, and great strength. Most Hounds of Valinor have thinner coats due to their ancestry in temperate climates of Valinor and, later, Beleriand, but those that are of more northerly strains have thick, shaggy fur, and have grey or white coloration rather than the typical brown. Hounds have long, drooping ears and long snouts, and are of build similar to other domestic canines (though slightly larger and more muscular). Possessing better eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell than most canines, Hounds are natural hunters and normally have ample opportunity to put their superior skill to use.



Unique Special Abilities

Awakened: A Hound of Valinor may act independently and obtain orders similar to a PC.


Blessing of Oromė: The Hounds of Valinor were of old hunting companions, serving Oromė in his hunts for the creatures of Middle-earth. His blessing lives with them still, and makes them that much more dangerous to their foes. All Hounds of Valinor have the effects of Vala Virtue: Oromė, and have Armour (3) to reflect the protection that the light of Aman has granted unto them.




The Hounds of Valinor came from beyond the sea, where they once served Oromė in his hunts. When the Noldor rebelled and left the Blessed Realm, some of these hounds came with them, formerly being gifts from Oromė or simply bred from his hounds. Once in Middle-earth, they interbred with other canines—though never with Wargs—and often became leaders of the groups of dogs that they stayed with. Most famous of the Hounds of Valinor is Huan, traveling companion of Beren and Luthien and slayer of Carcharoth, the wolf of Angband. By the late Third Age, few remain, though some still have blood pure enough to possess the traits of their lofty ancestors.




Hounds are often companions of nobles or hunters and can be found in the kennels of more wealthy huntsmen; however, these magnificent beasts also run wild in many woodlands and fields, and could potentially be found anywhere in Middle-earth.




Hounds of Valinor dwell among other dogs, or sometimes wolves. They are usually pack leaders and are given deference by the lesser members of the pack. Their intelligence often aids the group in finding food and water, and where to best find shelter from harsh weather and the creatures of Sauron.




Hounds of Valinor work well both as facilitators and antagonists (though certainly not the prime antagonist of a chronicle.) These hounds may aid PCs in any number of adventures, especially in a First Age chronicle. Alternatively, even the beasts of Oromė are not immune to the Shadow’s corrupting influence and may be found as pets (and, incidentally, protection) for an antagonist, or may head a pack of wolves that harass towns and farms near their den.