Lesser Wyrm

AUTHOR: David D. (Issachar)

ISSUE: 41:8-9



BRG 10 (+2)

NIM 8 (+1)

PER 12 (+3)*

STR 14 (+4)*

VIT 12 (+3)

WIT 10 (+2)





WIS +3
















Night-eyed 2



Special Abilities

Armour (5), Constrict, Multiple Attacks, Natural Weapons (Claws, 1d6; Fangs, 2d6; Tail, 2d6), Sweep of Tail, Spellcasting*

* About one in four lesser wyrms has the Spellcasting ability and the listed ranks in Lore/Spellcraft: Sorcery.


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Claws, Fangs, Tail) +8, Climb +10, Inquire (Interrogate) +5, Insight +5, Intimidate (Fear) +5, Language: Sindarin +6, Language: Westron +6, Lore/ Group: Servants of the Shadow +8, Lore/Realm: [Region of Lair] +6, Lore/Spellcraft: Sorcery +4*, Observe (Smell) +8, Persuade (Charm) +5, Stealth (Hide) +8, Track (Scent) +5, Unarmed Combat: Wrestling (Grapple) +8


TN Equivalent

12 (15 with spellcasting ability)



Not all the dragon-kin created by Morgoth were great wyrms like Glaurung. Some were bred for other, subtler works than war and destruction. Of such kind are the lesser wyrms, so-called despite the fact that their size and aspect is still imposing to Men.


From snout to tail-tip these wingless wyrms span about twenty feet on average, though nearly half this length is the tail. Their scaly hides are varying shades of dark green, brown, and black. Their legs are short, giving them the appearance of giant lizards, and indeed they move like such animals, climbing swiftly and easily over terrain and obstacles of all kinds.



Unique Special Abilities

CONSTRICT: When a lesser wyrm makes a successful Grab attack, on following actions it can wrap its tail around the victim and squeeze for damage equal to 2d6 plus the wyrm’s Strength bonus. The wyrm can constrict a held opponent once per round without using an action; each additional constricting attack per round costs one action. While constricting an opponent with its tail, the wyrm takes a -2 penalty on all physical tests other than attacks on the constricted opponent.


SWEEP OF TAIL: Any creature that sustains damage from a lesser wyrm's tail attack (Armed Combat only, not an Unarmed Combat attack made to Grab) and fails a TN 10 Strength or Nimbleness test (target's choice) is knocked down.


Spells: Dumbness, Evoke Fear, Forgetfulness, Sense Power, Veiling Shadow, Voice of Suasion




No lesser wyrms survived the destruction of Angband, but some were already abroad in the world on their master’s business. How this remnant survived and bred in the ensuing centuries is not known, for they do not love to consort with one another. Perhaps Morgoth-cultists employed sorcerous arts to preserve the species.




Lesser wyrms love secrecy and make their lairs in caves, bogs, ruins, and tunnels dug with their own claws. They reside in sparsely populated areas, but not uninhabited lands, for they

enjoy capturing and manipulating other creatures to serve as their spies and slaves.




Lesser wyrms are proud and jealous, and do not willingly live or work together unless compelled to do so by a greater power.




A lesser wyrm makes a good “boss” enemy for low- to mid-level characters; it is also an enemy that can give your players some of the satisfaction of going on a dragon-slaying quest, without having to contend against the terrible power of a true dragon.