Men of Carn Dum

AUTHOR: Christopher Daniel (Scofflaw)

ISSUE: 12:36-37



BRG 10 (+2)*

NIM 8 (+1)

PER 8 (+1)

STR 10 (+2)

VIT 10 (+2)*

WIT 8 (+1)


STAM +3*



WIS +2







1 (Captains only)









Fell Handed (against the Living), Night-Eyed 2 (for Captains, add Warwise, Command 1)


Oath (to serve Angmar even after death), Fealty (The Witch-king), Hatred (The Living)

Special Abilities

Icy Touch, Undead Stamina, Wraithform, Spells


Armed Combat: Blades (Longsword) +6, Armed Combat: Pole Arms (Spear) +6, Intimidate (Fear) +6, Language: Westron and/or Easterling dialect +6, Observe (Spot, Sense Power) +5, Search (Spot) +5, Stealth (Hide, Sneak) +8



Ghosts (Formerly Men)


Warrior (Leaders are Warriors and Captains)

Order Abilities

Battle-Hardened (for Captains, add Air of Command)


5 (8 for Captains)


TN Equivalent

15 (group of 5), 20 if the group includes a Captain



The Men of Carn Dm are the ghosts of Men who served in the armies of the Witch-king of Angmar. Their forms have faded over the centuries, so their figures are faded and misty grey, though sometimes suffused with a fell light when they so choose. They appear in the armor and with the arms they bore in life, presenting a panoply of the ancient arms and armor of the Angmarim, Northmen and Easterling tribes that swelled Angmar's ranks, all bearing the device of the Witch-king, a stark white crown upon a ghastly Death's Head. Their expressions are fell and grim.



Unique Special Abilities

Icy Touch: The weapons of the Men of Carn Dm are imbued with the sorcerous essence of the dead. With a Superior or

higher result on their attack roll, they do an extra 1-3 damage (1d6, divide in half), and the victim suffers -1 on all rolls for

the next 3 rounds. This is cumulative with each Superior success the ghost makes.


Wraithform: The physical bodies of the Men of Carn Dm have faded to such a degree that they are mostly

insubstantial. Their forms are gray and shifting, making them difficult to see, requiring a TN 15 Observe (Spot) test

to see them, unless they wish to be seen, in which case they glow with a fell light. They are always visible when

engaged in combat.


Spells: Dumbness, Evoke Fear (ability), Fog-Raising



When the Witch-king called wicked Men to his banner, they were made to swear a blood oath upon an ancient pillar of Angband embedded upon a high cliff of the mountain in which Carn Dm was delved. The oath they swore was to serve the Witch-king even after death. After the fall of Angmar, they continued to linger among the plains, cliffs, wastes and ruins of Angmar, and do to this day, waiting until the Witch-king calls them to his service again.




The Men of Carn Dm have no society as such. They often wander alone, or in groups that approximate their old military formations. Such groups often have a captain. If the Witch-king, or one who bears his authority rouses them, they will form into ranks just as they did when they marched to the wars against Arnor centuries ago. Modifications to the statistics for a Captain should be Bearing 11, Wits 10, Intimidate (Fear) +8, Siegecraft (Tactics) +6.




The Men of Carn Dm will only be found in Angmar. They will not cross its old borders unless commanded to by the Witch-king. Agents of Sauron may come to Angmar to rouse and muster them to make war on the North. They can be commanded by one bearing the  Witch-king's Seal, but if a player character attempts this, he or she risks gaining Corruption at the Narrator's discretion. Elves are effective fighters against the Men of Carn Dm, as they do not fear the shades of Men.