(S. "Demon of Torment")

AUTHOR: Dustin R. Strong

ISSUE: 41:7-8



BRG 20 (+7)

NIM 17 (+5)

PER 20 (+7)

STR 18 (+6)*

VIT 18 (+6)

WIT 16 (+5)*




WILL +7*

WIS +7











12 (24 in flight)








Special Abilities

Armour (7), Drawn to Power, Lure, Maddening Gaze, Multiple Attacks, Natural Weapons (Claws, 1d6; Fangs, 1d6; Tail, 2d6), Regenerate, Spellcasting, Terror, Vulnerability (Sunlight)


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Fangs, Claws, Tail) +8, Intimidate (Fear) +12, Language: Sindarin +4, Language: Black Speech +8, Lore/Race: Elves +10, Observe (Spot, Smell, Hear) +10, Stealth (Hide, Sneak) +12, Track (Sense Power) +12, Unarmed Combat: Brawling (Grapple) +10


TN Equivalent




This fell thrall of Morgoth is approximately 15 feet in height and a nearly 30-foot wingspan. It is almost skeletal in appearance with a thin, but tough, skin pulled tightly over the bones. It has deep red eyes that burn like fire and long, bony fingers and toes that are tipped with razor-like claws that can cleave through all but the toughest of armor.



Unique Special Abilities

DRAWN TO POWER: The demon is drawn to individuals of great power and renown, especially those of the First-born. When tracking such a foe, the demon may use the Track skill with Sense Power as a specialty to detect and locate a source. The ability works constantly using half normal skill ranks (rounded up) but at full ranks when concentrated upon, using an action to do so. When the demon tracks those of the elven race, it gains an affinity bonus from Lore/Race: Elves.


LURE: Despite the demon's grotesque appearance, even the strongest of the Free Peoples cannot resist the demon's screeching call. Any victim within 200 yards that fails a Contest of Wills test must make a full movement toward the demon and may take no other action unless they pass a second test at a -5 modifier or the demon is otherwise distracted.


MADDENING GAZE: The eyes of the demon are filled with unbridled hatred, anyone caught in the demon's gaze will begin to lose themselves in the demon's eyes and slowly slip into a state of unending madness and bloodlust. Any trapped by the demon's Lure ability must make a Contest of Wills against the demon. Failing the contest, will cause the defender to acquire 1 Corruption for a Failure, 2 for a Complete Failure, and 3 for a Disastrous Failure.. Once a character's Corruption equals or exceeds their Bearing, the character becomes a servant of the Enemy. So intent is this gaze, that the demon and his victim's spirits are intertwined, therefore, any attack on the demon will result in an equal amount of damage to his victim.


REGENERATE: The demon recovers 1 point of Armor and 1 Wound Point for every hour spent in darkness or shadow.


VULNERABILITY (SUNLIGHT): Because the demon was created before the rising of the Sun, it is vulnerable to direct sunlight, suffering 2d6 Wounds per round while exposed. It also loses 1 point of Armor for each minute it remains in direct sunlight.


Spells: Cloak of Shadow (ability), Command (ability), Evoke Fear (ability), Misdirection, Veiling Shadow, Waste




Bred by Morgoth to hunt the Eldar during the Great Journey, their sole purpose was to corrupt Elves into ferocious beasts loyal to Morgoth. They dwelt in the lowest depths of Angband during the First Age where they tortured and twisted the strongest of Eldar captives into servants of the Enemy. Although most were destroyed with Angband, many have survived into the Third, and possibly, the Fourth Age.




Found mostly in the key strongholds of the Enemy, such as Angband, Dol Guldur, Angmar, and Mordor. They may occasionally venture out from these places to actively "recruit" fresh replacements for their master's armies.








This demon is so terrible that it even haunts the dreams of Elves, preying upon them during the Great Journey. It works in concert with Dindair and Fell Hunters to spy on, terrorize, and capture Elves with the intent of turning them into orcs. These demons will definately be encountered if PCs should enter any of The Enemy's strongholds. They may also be encountered outside of these places should The Enemy be rebuilding his armies, such as after the great battles of the First Age, or during Sauron's consolidation of power prior to The War of the Ring. As if this demon is not enough trouble, they will usually be accompanied by other foul creatures, such as a Dindair and/or a Fell Hunter when outside their dungeons, using them to spy on and terrorize its victims while it stalks its prey.