AUTHOR: Christopher Daniel (Scofflaw)

ISSUE: 12:33-34



BRG 9 (+1)*

NIM 8 (+1)

PER 9 (+1)

STR 11 (+2)

VIT 10 (+2)*

WIT 6 (+0)




WILL +1*

WIS +1



















Special Abilities

Dissolution in Death, Icy Breath, Natural Weapons (Fangs, 2d6+1), Undead Stamina, Vulnerability (Sunlight, 2d6/round)


Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Fangs) +6, Intimidate (Fear) +6, Jump +5, Language: Understand Westron, Black Speech +3, Observe (Smell, Sense Power) +6, Run +8, Stealth (Sneak) +9, Track (Scent) +8


TN Equivalent

15 (pack of six)



Warg-wights are fell spirits inhabiting the putrescent corpses of the fiercest and most evil Wargs. A cold light shines in their eyes, and their exhalation can be seen as cold, blue wisps of mist. Their howls are blood chilling, and they can cast Evoke Fear by this means as far as 1 league away.



Unique Special Abilities

Dissolution in Death: When slain, the body of a Warg-wight dissolves into mist.


Icy Breath: The breath of Warg-wights carries the chill of the grave. When a Warg-wight scores a Superior success or higher with a bite, his chill breath gets into the wound, freezing the flesh, causing the victim to lose 1 point of strength and one point of vitality. Lost points are regained at the rate of one in each attribute per 10 minutes, or in full upon application of a Healing-spell.


Spells: Evoke Fear (ability), Fog-Raising (ability)




These fell things appeared in the North of Middle-earth in the 15th century of the Third Age, at the time the Witch-king of Angmar sent evil spirits to infest Tyrn-Gorthad (The Barrow-downs). Since then they have been a bane only held back by the Rangers, infesting dark woods, hills and plains.




Warg-wights are most commonly found in lands where great evil exists, or has never been wholly excised. They are most commonly found in Angmar, the Northern Waste, southern Mirkwood, the lands formerly comprising Arnor, the Morgul Vale, and Mordor.




Warg-wights run in very small packs of four to eight. The most powerful of them will live alone. They are harmed by the light of day, and only come forth at night, the darker the better. Contrary to common superstitions among some Eriadorians and Northmen, they dislike the full moon, and are fully roused on nights with a new moon. They are also roused by fierce storms and winds. Some evil beings, such as sorcerers or the Nazgūl, gather them into hunting packs or use them as guards.  They are also often found in the company of powerful Werewolves.




Warg-wights should be encountered in lonely or desolate areas of the wild at night, the darker and stormier the better. They will be found prowling the ruins of Carn Dūm and the Barrow-downs, as well as lurking on Amon Lanc. They may also be used as guards of the lairs of powerful sorcerers and servants of the Shadow. Khamūl uses them to guard Dol Guldur, and they prowl at will in the alleys of Minas Morgul. Saruman might possibly bind a few of them to his service. It has been rumored that the Nazgūl have at times gathered them into packs, sending the pack before them as they ride behind, slaying all in their way, giving rise to legends among some of the peoples of Middle-earth about "The Wild Hunt".